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SCHEDULE: Nov 2011 Making Mobile Marketing Work (#mmmw)

Making Mobile Marketing Work

Wednesday 1st December at Eleven Brindley Place in Birmingham. The event is due to run from 9 – 12:30.

Download the full agenda in PDF format: Making Mobile Marketing Work Agenda

Making Mobile Marketing Work 1 Dec 2011


Making Mobile Marketing Work is a half day workshop aimed at brand marketers and mobile agencies. Presented by some of the UK’s most experienced mobile marketing experts, the session covers the key channels: acquisition and response, customer relationship and service, brand awareness and experiential.

Taking a highly practical approach, numerous case studies will look at how brands have used messaging, the mobile internet, apps and other technologies to create successful (and sometimes unsuccessful campaigns). Along with a practical campaign planning session, our experts will also be looking at some of the emerging technologies and channels for the future.

09.00- Intro session – The business case for mobile marketing

Mobile is a growing, but has not yet gained the significance of traditional or other online media.
This session will give a broad understanding of

  • What brands can do with mobile marketing
  • The mobile landscape, key channels and technologies
  • How mobile can help brands to improve response rates, increase uplift and sales, raise brand awareness and even change consumer behaviour.

Mark Brill, Director, Formation and Chair, DMA Mobile Council

09.35- The Response and Acquisition – ‘Messaging – it’s a bit crap isn’t it?’

The humble SMS still has an important role to play in mobile marketing: as a driver for action, response or as a delivery mechanism mobile messaging continues to grow. Using new research from IAB/DMA, this session will:

  • show how messaging is an essential part of a campaign and has a broad reach.
  • show how brands have created both imaginative and effective messaging campaigns (Orange, M&S,  BMW)

Jason Cross, Managing Director, Incentivated

10.25- Engagement  – ‘Building the Perfect Branded Mobile App

Is there such a thing as the perfect branded app?

This session will look at the different approaches taking by brands; service, utility and entertainment to create engagement. From development to promotion, the session will review what works and what doesn’t.

  • Brand case studies o Ebay o The Guardian o Barclaycard, o Ocado, o Last Minute o Britain’s Got Talent o NatWest and many more.

Mark Brill, Director, Formation

Refreshment Break– 10.25 – 10:40

10.40- CRM and Service: The Mobile Web: there’s a bandwagon happening, so why not jump on it?

The web is used by nearly one third of mobile users. Mobile web searches have increased by 500% in the last two years. Brands are only just beginning to see the potential of the mobile web. This session will look at the opportunities from this channel, along with mobile search and PPC.

  • Brand case studies will demonstrate how some brands are already realising this potential. o M&S, o Amazon o Direct Gov

Jo Garcia, Velti and DMA

11:10- Emerging Mobile What does the future look like?

This session will look at some of the emerging technologies, from location services to visual search and how they can help brand marketing. Looking a little further ahead, the session will look at some of the emerging technologies that will change mobile in the future.

  • Brand case studies show how technological innovation can bring exciting brand engagement. o Nike o McDonald’s o Sprite/Fanta o AXA o Domino’s

Mark Brill, Director, Formation

11:30- Exercise How to build your own mobile web site (with scissors and glue)

This session will be a practical campaign planning session. An introduction will show the key elements to developing and implementing a mobile campaign, followed by break-out groups to put this into practice.

Jo Garcia and Mark Brill

12:15- Summary of the session

Next steps
Potential Funding
Mark Brill, Director, Mark Brill

12.30 – Close

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