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What is Augmented Reality? The innovation of virtual technology- Marc Rene Gardeya from Germany explains…….


What is Augmented Reality?

The innovation of virtual technology- Marc Rene Gardeya from Germany explains…….

At the Mobile Marketing Event on the 1st December, the term ‘Augmented Reality’ or ‘AR’ for short came up a few times.  Augmented Reality is the live direct or indirect ways of viewing the real-world environment, where by elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated technology. As the mobile marketing event presented new and innovative ways of developing promotional marketing techniques implementing mobile technology; AR is something which is slowly becoming a new way of experiencing the powers of developing mobile technologies.

Marc Rene Gardeya, founder and CEO of Hoppala from Stuttgart, Germany was invited to attend the mobile marketing event; by the NTI-New Technology Institute part of Birmingham City University as part of the European Creativity Voucher- which is a current project that sets to enable companies in different EU countries to collaborate and work together.

It was great to have Marc there because he got a chance to network with businesses in the West Midlands, who want to explore how mobile marketing could work for their business.  Interestingly, in Mark Brill’s presentation on ‘Building the perfect App’, there was mention on AR and a short video of Marc Rene Gardeya in action, demonstrating how AR works on mobile phones.

To hear more about Augmented Reality and information on Marc’s company, Hoppala watch the video link here on the BCU ECCE Blog.


Engaging in the emergence of Mobile at ‘The Mobile Marketing Event’, Birmingham

Businesses from across the West Midlands gathered in Birmingham to hear the latest in Mobile Marketing about emerging technologies and channels for the future, from some of the UK’s most experienced mobile marketing experts in Europe.

Sponsored by Business Link West Midlands and in partnership with Birmingham City University the Making Mobile Marketing Work event provided insightful information into how mobile marketing can work for businesses, looking to expand their horizons into a range of different channels available in creating mobile marketing campaigns.

Mark Brill, CEO of Formations gave the first introductory presentation on the reasons why mobile marketing is becoming such a huge phenomenon and different ways mobile can be accessible to the consumers. He also touched on the future of technology and where it’s all going, by showing the audience a very intriguing video of the endless possibilities where technology is heading.

Jason Cross, from Incentivated, delved into the effectiveness of mobile interactivity with customers, as well as presenting case studies of successful brands who have taken advantage of mobile and have produced successful mobile marketing campaigns, one of the strongest being Marks & Spencer’s innovative mobile campaign, which has seen Marks & Spencer’s customers engaging with their products.

Jo Garcia, Velti, finished off the session with an insight into how some brands are optimising opportunities by creating various advertising formats through mobile technology.

The NTI- New Technology Institute part of Birmingham City Universities Faculty of Performance, Media and English- is responsible for running the event with MiNetwork. This year the event was also sponsored by Birmingham Business Link to encourage professionals to engage with revolution of mobile marketing.

In support of this event, Business Link & Birmingham City University have set up a one-day practical training course on Mobile Marketing for businesses.

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